FMC Engineering

For over a century...

Manufacturers across the globe have produced millions and millions of products and parts. Because of continued advancement and improvement in efficiency only a small percentage of these stay relevant.

When a part is no longer supported or manufactured by the OEM it becomes obsolete and puts many maintenance departments at a disadvantage, do you replace the whole machine line, device or a complete new system because of one failed part?

The answer is No, we have a solution…

The process is called Reverse Engineering, because it involves operating backwards through the OEM design procedure. Most engineering firms have limited knowledge and are not suited to peel back the layers that went into producing said product. Our background in industry specific applications enables us to reproduce original manufacturer replacement parts.

FMC Engineering

FMC Engineering has excelled in this challenge by archiving blue prints, housing decades old schematics, utilizing expert strategies and employing accomplished techniques and machinery to deliver a reverse engineered product that not only meets OEM specifications but goes beyond expectations by excelling in critical areas where others have failed.

Parts Support

FMC Engineering provides support for many brands, makes, models and types of industrial equipment, rotating and processing.

Obsolete Parts Replaced

Obsolete or legacy parts are components that are still widely used, but are no longer being made or supported by the manufacturer.

Failure Analysis

FMC Engineering can play a valuable role in failure analysis. With reverse engineering the cause of failure can be deciphered by looking at digital design files made through reverse engineering.

Improved Components

After performing a failure analysis, you may need to improve or alter a specific component or part. We can determine which dimensions are to be kept exact, and which dimensions have options. If you have questions on functionality, or whether or not something can be done, reverse engineering would bring that fact to light.